Emotional Torture

Emotional Torture

Been tortured emotionally is often misunderstood. Those involved usually do not recognize the signs but feels very devastated at the occurrence/instant its been felt but can’t express the emotions or what they are feeling. That in itself, is torture, not been able to recognize what’s in front of you.

Most frequently, the person torturing whoever or whomever often wants to feel the power of control, want to be in charge in all areas he/she sees fit. Intentionally, wanting the other person to feel powerless. It is indeed an overwhelming and outcome feeling for the overpowerer.

It is so sad to imagine that someone dear to you or someone you care can enjoy you been emotionally unpleasant. They need to feel more superior and hunger for recognition without an ounce of how the abused /you are traumatized.

You may at some point feel it’s your fault for been abused, rest assured it’s not.

Signs to look out for and how to Survive/ Manage it.

Emotional torture has a severe effect of overall quality of life of the abused. You need to know the signs/torture routine without getting lost in your daily life.

What is Emotional Torture?

Suppose you often feel hurt, embarrassed, speechless or fear to express and become very careful and sensitive over certain matters by someone, in particular, then, in that case, it is too a convincing level of degree that you are emotionally tortured.

As a wounded person of emotional abuse, your abuser often make you feel low and convince you that you’re worthless – even though you’ve done nothing glaring or understandably wrong. An abuser’s goal is to play on your emotions psychologically, verbally and manipulating your emotions in a way that makes you feel hopeless and worthless. An abuser demeans the victim’s self-esteem, dignity and self-image. 

How Can You Identify Emotional Torture?

The goal of emotional torture is to lower your self-confidence and leave you feeling terrified and intimidated. It leaves one in a complete, mentally imbalanced state.

How to Survive/cope with Emotional Torture

First to recon with is to Love and trust oneself and having to free yourself from humiliation and choose your own path.

Stop Feeling Guilty

Try hard to stop explaining yourself to your abuser. 

Distance Yourself

Disassociate yourself from your abuser, regardless of your relationship with them. And smartly make yourself unavailable and to stop them for taking you for granted.

Establish Boundaries

 Avoid any kind of argument with your abuser. Keep in mind; they will always want to elicit a response from you, be comfortably smart with your answers and move on.

Give Yourself a Break!


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