Fun healthy activities for couples during Lockdown

Fun healthy activities for couples during Lockdown

We begin to ask ourselves, what is fun in this whole lockdown situation? How do we entertain the pleasures of ourselves despite been cooked /curled up to the same space for the length of time?. Not without mentioning social distancing, which for certainty has tuned down the vibe of the intimacy of healthy dinner-date night, and huge events like concerts, Shows and movies night isn’t realistic now.

With these said, that doesn’t allude to the fact that we give in to boring lifestyle / completely blank on date night, even if it that sweet partner of yours or someone new.

Try committing to some creative arts with some sip at home

In my opinion, hoping you agree with me, self art creativity isn’t a total bust or bad idea. Art/Paint studios offering painting classes while people drink and chat is one way of a creative date. Notwithstanding, in the observation of social distancing, excite your partner by hosting one explicitly for yourselves at home. Interestingly, there are numerous step guides videos for beginners with all/every interest on YouTube.

Buy a couple easels, some beginner acrylic paint, a few brushes and some wine. You can set it up super romantic to make it feel like a real class as well. Make it extra legit by making a cheese board snack for when you’re taking breaks.

Host your own “Cooking” competition

This is definitely an idea for the adventurous couple. If you aren’t familiar with the Food Network show, contestants create a dish based on random ingredients they are given in a basket. They are able to use other ingredients in the kitchen, but the random ones must be incorporated.

To do this at home, challenge each other! Each person sets up a basket for the other one. Then, you have to make a dish using those ingredients in a set amount of time, give it 45 minutes or so. Then, you get to eat each dish and judge who is the winner. Bonus points if you have a neutral third-party like a roommate or a neighbor to determine the winner.

Drink around the world at home

For those looking to avoid the bars, you can make your own night out at home by just thinking ahead of time. Try having a drinking-around-the-world event, but make sure to be drinking responsibly. Pick out a few cocktails from different places, like margaritas from Mexico and the Aperol Spritz from Italy. Gather your ingredients and make a night out of it! Set the mood by serving a snack that goes with each drink, and playing music from the country the drink is based from.

Host a spa night at home

Self-care is always important, but especially with all the added stress of the current state of the world right now. Pamper yourself at home and do it with someone you love. Take turns giving each other pedicures, face masks, massages and more. Wear robes, light some candles and put on soothing music to make it feel legit. You and your partner will not regret trying out this for a fun activity, and you’ll be rewarded with some personal maintenance.

Do a cute throw back

Feeling seriously bummed to be cooped up in an apartment all day? Return to simpler, pre-pandemic times and recreate your first date. Whether you went mini golfing, danced at a concert, or simply grabbed a drink, some easy at-home hacks can bring all the nostalgic feels to a random Thursday night

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