Lose 20 pounds during covid-19

Lose 20 pounds during covid-19

Lose 20 pounds in 30 days

Since the existence and exposure of COVID-19, the social distancing, lockdown, among others, some of us, have added a few pounds and now with the readiness to lose those pounds and or more.

Self-acceptance of decision is the first fulfilling aspect of your journey Lose 20 pounds.

Here is a quick peek to losing 20 pounds. However, you can watch out for a new feature on a personal journey and experience.

Eat high Protein Meal
when making this decision, be sure to pick your most favourite proteinous meal for great results.

Nothing too rigorous if you have a fear of consistency with the exercise. That is easy, start with a walk…That’s enough for a start following the very rule of thumb.

Portion Control
Another essential part of the race yet the easiest when accomplished. Considering all the calories meal intake, divide the apportioned meal and eat in bits all day before 7 pm of the day.

No Sugary Drinks
You can make your healthy daily drink. Now, you are wondering, that’s not easy, well, permit me to shock you, you can take as simple as a squeezed lemon with warm water and added honey, there is your one healthy drink.

Create a personalized diet meal plan
Eat your preferences meal and make a note, with a consecutive seven-day note-taking of meals, you have created yourself a DIET MEAL PLAN.

Keep watch of daily calories intake for consistency.

Reduce your calorie intake to about 1000 per day.

Drink lots of fluids.


Liyana Parker

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