How Couples can Survive CoronaVirus

How Couples can Survive CoronaVirus

With the recent updates to stick to social distancing as a means to fight the spread of COVID-19 as it is referred to as instilled a lot of pressure in homes. Does this rule apply to couples as every spouse are limited to spaces in their homes? That’s the question? How can they pull through?

Communicate with each other despite your different views with the pandemic situations, check up on each other as these could be how each spouse connects physically and or internally.

Considering, the nature of work-life and personal life in the confinement of homes all day long as long as we have no idea it’s ending soon; could be three months, six months, with all the mandate lockdowns, who knows?.
Well, advisably respect each other’s personal spaces. However, you need to acknowledge who’s emotions need to be balanced with help or individually, hence, listening and paying attention.

Create new routines to relieve stress, build structure, healthy life balance and understand yourself better as this your new reality.

Moment of bickering will occur but shouldn’t affect your level of commitments, thus, understanding.

Will having sex with your spouse increase your chances of contacting coronavirus, having to even adhere to social distancing. A lot of hearsays, it won’t, but who knows? Well, sexual desires differ in an individual with stress considering the health situation; it is reasonable to be less interested; however,don’t pressure your spouse. Communicate your feelings to your spouse, so no one feels rejected or blamed.
Have gratitude moments with words, do basic things together; cook together can make a huge impact.


Liyana Parker

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