Effect of CoronaVirus on Families

Effect of CoronaVirus on Families

With the outbreak of coronavirus been pandemic, families are beginning to panic and coping is becoming a thing. Some Children are likely to react differently; aggressive, agitation, anxious, withdrawing, bedwetting or more clingy, to mention a few. Extra love, attention, listening to their emotional concern in a supportive way and educating children on clear information on what is going on and necessary precautions to be taken to subdue their chance of surviving in their inclusive language.
Creating, maintaining routines and schedules as much as possible, including learning as well as time for safely playing and relaxing should be inclusive.

Family bond with re-assurance is crucial at this time. Create time to relax and remind yourself that strong feelings will fade. Spend more time doing activities together, watch movies, storytime, build crafts, make inventions and take breaks from the current updates on the story, takes precautions and connect.


Liyana Parker

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