Teen’s struggles’ with divorced parents

Teen’s struggles’ with divorced parents

We, as parents, often forget how our kids feel when we are separated and or divorced. Well, every individual has the right to be happy and loved but not at the detriment of a yet-to-be matured Life.

Here are a few struggles teenage kids go through as early as the onset of teenage years:

They have trust issues; don’t know who to trust, believe, and count on.

 They are beaten down with affection, and it affects them through adulthood.

 They are often kind individuals and lack expression, thereby displaying it in countless ways: being aggressive, introverts, defensive at all times, etc

 They often lack love and begin to search for it in any way they can without they been knowing that they in search of it.

 They lose focus on Life, take breath slightly and don’t mind who they hurt while living their career choices

 Making friends is challenging, and when they do, its most times with the wrong crowd because they took them for granted in the past and have no knowledge how to.

How can their challenges be put in check or help navigate through it all, that’s why we are,


  1. Do your best as separated parents not to hate each other and not talk down on the other party.No Blames!!!
  2. Respect each other and praise each other efforts.
  3. Show endless love and affection to your teenagers, be present in all activities that concern your ward. Avoid excuses, and be there at all times. You might be separated but be there all through the way for the teenager because it’s your responsibility and make them feel so.
  4. Please help your child discover their passion, give a free pass to life experience and decision-making, though still parent in one-voice.
  5. Help them understand what living Life and not existing because Life is a journey, movie and it has to be engaging by loving it all the way.# Life Appreciation.

Liyana Parker

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