Dividing your human energy between an important vital sphere is a gift, more like a habit.

It isn’t straightforward to attain as we all know that living one’s life is a journey and a lot of work as a human, considering all that entails been a jolly person. I will list a few of these; they include; Looking good, being in good sexy shape figure, Health care, eating right and staying healthy, a good set of clean teeth, fashionable; being trendy, and classy.

LIFE is a journey.

Work is your career. To be outstanding, it takes a lot of studying and perfection to one’s craft; you want to take control over(master). To be a master of your craft, being twice as good if not better than the other person, just to be acknowledged, respected, and a necessary skill with intellect.

It takes a lot of tow on a person to be at the top of the success tree, either your place of work, among peers following the same career path, want to be BOSS, and a few others because we naturally live for control, so, we put in the work.

Yet, we get underpaid. Well, this is a different discussion to be shared in another edition. I am looking forward to sharing these.

Now, in the mix of living your life, making statements, and being outstanding, there comes in the ultimate thing called Relationship. Partner liking partner, attention, satisfaction,problem-solving, time allocation, whole drama, acknowledged being demanding too.

Now, here comes the significant balance of it all. How do you do it? Well, to crown it all, you have to make sure your interests and commitments are what you love and desire,so, it doesn’t pan out to be a stressful situation or annoying life choices/lifestyle. In a nutshell, you have to accomplish an enjoyable lifestyle(as a person), be happy with yourself to a satisfying reach, and your job needs to be what you love and not what to settle for. Your love relationship isn’t left behind. Being passionate with your partner is the key and not situational; keep watch!. You don’t have to be in a relationship when you are not comfortable in total with your partner, compromising when you hate it!

With all these been in check, your life will be role -model worthy.


Liyana Parker

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